Institute of
Organic Chemistry

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Spectroscopic Facilities
Informationen for Students
  Prof. Dr. Stefan Schulz NMR-Spectroscopy (Dr. Kerstin Ibrom) Specialisation "Biological Chemistry"
  Prof. Dr. Thomas Lindel Mass Spectrometry (Dr. Ulrich Papke) Specialisation "Organic and Inorganic Chemistry"
  Prof. Dr. Daniel B. Werz X-Ray (Prof. Dr. Peter G. Jones) Bachelorthesis in Organic Chemistry
  Dr. Philipp Klahn (Junior Research Group) Computational Chemistry (Prof. Dr. J. Grunenberg)
  PD Dr. Evgeny Prusov (HZI)  
  Prof. Dr. Henning Hopf   Praktical Courses in Organic Chemistry
      Graduate School Minas
      OC-F Practical Course
Working Instructions
Friends' Association
  OC/AC-Colloquium Winter 2017/2018 Hazardous Substances (german) FIOC e. V. (Friends' Association)
  GDCh-Colloquium Summer 2018 S1-Laboratory (german)    

Test "Spektroskopische Methoden in der Org. Chemie"
Friday, 27.4.2018, 15:00 o'clock. Rooms Zi 24.1 and Zi 24.2.