Institute of
Organic Chemistry

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Spectroscopic Facilities
Informationen for Students
  Prof. Dr. Stefan Schulz NMR-Spectroscopy (Dr. Kerstin Ibrom) Specialisation "Biological Chemistry"
  Prof. Dr. Thomas Lindel Mass Spectrometry (Dr. Ulrich Papke) Specialisation "Organic and Inorganic Chemistry"
  Prof. Dr. Daniel B. Werz X-Ray (Prof. Dr. Peter G. Jones) Bachelorthesis in Organic Chemistry
  Dr. Philipp Klahn (Junior Research Group) Computational Chemistry (Prof. Dr. J. Grunenberg) OC-F Practical Course
  PD Dr. Evgeny Prusov (HZI)   Praktical Courses in Organic Chemistry
  Prof. Dr. Henning Hopf  
Working Instructions
Friends' Association
  OC/AC-Colloquium Winter 2017/2018 Hazardous Substances (german) FIOC e. V. (Friends' Association)
  GDCh-Colloquium Summer 2018 S1-Laboratory (german)