Graduate School MINAS

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Participating groups

» Area A: Synthesis
» Area B: Biosynthesis, isolation and production
» Area C: Biological activity and biological response


Project area C: Biological acitivity and biological response
Project C1: Systems biology of natural product biosynthesis and activity
Prof. Dieter Jahn, TU Braunschweig, Institut für Mikrobiologie
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The effect of natural products on various bacterial and eukarotic cells will be determined using state-of-the-art transcriptome and proteome research. Bioinformatic interpretation of obtained data will be employed for mode of action predictions. The biotechnological production of compounds of interest will analyzed and optimized using a similar approach. Finally, selected enzymes for natural product formation will be characterized biochemically. Understanding of natural product formation and activity at the systems level is desired.
Required qualification: Master in Biology, Biochemistry or Chemistry

Project C2: Novel screens and novel compounds: Fighting biofilms with myxobacterial and fungal metabolites
Prof. Irene Wagner-Döbler, Helmholtz-Centre for Infection Research (HZI), Braunschweig  
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Biofilms formed by bacteria and fungi are hardly attacked by conventional antibiotics. Therefore we will specifically search for anti-biofilm compounds using (1) miniaturized whole-cell biofilm screens of important pathogens, (2) gfp-reporter-fusions for cellular stress, and (3) quorum sensing reporter constructs. Readout is fluorescence, thus micro titre format and "medium" throughput is possible. Compounds screened will be secondary metabolites from Myxobacteria and fungi as well as cell extracts from Myxobacteria. In cooperation with the University of Hannover (Markus Kalesse) isolation and structure elucidation of active compounds will be performed. Volatiles emitted by mixed species biofilms will be analyzed by the University of Braunschweig (Stefan Schulz) and their anti-biofilm activity will then be investigated.
Required qualification: Master in Biology, Biotechnology or related subjects

Project C3: Target prediction and lead optimization for natural compounds using chemoinformatics
Prof. Knut Baumann, TU Braunschweig, Institut für Medizinische und Pharmazeutische Chemie
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Cell-based screening is often used to evaluate the biological activity of natural compounds. While cell-based screening can show that a particular compound is active, its target within the cell remains unknown. To support target identification, chemoinformatics will be employed for target prediction specifically tailored to the chemical space of natural compounds. For compound classes where the target is known, computational techniques for lead compound optimization such as the analysis of Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships (QSAR) will be used to further enhance the biological activities of the compounds of the consortium. All computations will be done in close cooperation with the groups from Organic and Medicinal Chemistry.
Required qualification: Master in Chemistry, Bioinformatics, or Pharmacy